BOSS Custom Clips

for the whole shoot

Your Model

This service can provide you with more control of the film that you desire. Working to your direction or script I can film exactly what you require. I can film either completely exclusive or non-exclusive film depending on your requirements.


  • You book one (or more) models for the day
  • We film to your scripts
  • You can communicate with us both throughout the shoot
  • Using whatsapp you can select her outfits and shoes
  • Make last minute changes to your scripts
  • You can speak directly with the model and myself as you require


YOU can be a VIRTUAL director on the set or I can work from scripts fine, but the ability for you to be ‘on set’ via whatsapp is an available option. Whatever is best to create the custom clips you desire.

The price is the model fee.

You also have the option of being on set 🙂