Tiana Smoking Car Crush

From our second shoot together, this scene was based on a custom request.
The client wanted angles from the high heels working the pedals during the action to be filmed and presented into the edit. She must smoke whilst she is performing the crushing with an air of arrogance and disdain for the victim beneath her wheels. She should also speak about how much she enjoys crushing anything that gets in her way. Wide view of car also wanted along with close up of wheels on victim. Also very important is red lipstick and fingernails.

I use two mini cams inside the car. 
A 4K cinema cam for wide view and a 4K ENG cam for the close ups. For the recording of her speech inside the car I used a pro-level audio recorder to add sound overlay in post.
I made use of PIP in edit for the footwork of the high heels on the pedals alongside the front view of her smoking and talking as she crushed the target.

I must say, her voice is most excellent for this type of work … what do you think 🙂