Content Not Allowed

Ok, so you cannot put your clips on a popular clipstore

Are you fed up because

  • You have nowhere to showcase your films
  • You have to upload to various cloud storage to transfer files to customers
  • It is so unprofessional

Would You like

  • Your own website with integrated clipstore
  • Easy way to add your clips
  • Powerful admin to manage clips and sales
  • Great secure download system
  • Your customers have accounts
  • Marketing tools like coupon offers etc
  • Accept various payment methods
  • Professional website you can grow!

Is Your content NOT ALLOWED on OTHER clipstore websites?

A lot of content is NOT allowed on clipstore websites.
Most of this is not actually due to the content itself being ‘wrong’. It is more to do with what the credit card transaction companies will or will not process. So, if you have clips on an external website, you will regularly receive notifications about new restrictions regarding content allowed on the clipstore. If your clips are effected then you must remove them or have your store closed! The usual reason is because the bank/card companies who operate the transactions have decided to add restrictions, whether the content is actually ‘wrong’ or not. And, of course, the owner of the clipstore website MUST comply for fear of losing his credit card transaction facilities altogether.

Examples include stores being closed because the producers have used dolls which look too realistic in their scenes! And other restrictions closing stores have included any scenes in which adult ladies are riding horses. Credit card processing companies just send out blanket restrictions that effect otherwise harmless stores, much to the frustration of the producers who can do nothing about it.

Well now you CAN do something about it!

Having your own website with your OWN clipstore puts YOU in control. It is jolly well upto you what you can add to your own clipstore, with no clipstore owner telling you what you can or cannot upload because of the restrictions placed upon them. There are plenty of other ways to receive payments for your clips.