You Produce

Are you currently or wishing to be

A New Producer

Learn as you go, on actual production shoots.

Are you?

  • Confused about the best equipment to start with.
  • Curious about lighting etc.
  • Unsure about the best software to use.
  • Not sure about the best ways to sell your content.

All of these criteria can take ages to learn and be quite costly too, particularly if you make wrong equipment and software decisions, not to mention waste of time.

I can FAST TRACK all of that for you!

  • Show you best value equipment for high quality output at best price. In other words, equipment that is perfect for this style of work. There are so many cameras which are ‘wrong’ so I can get you around the pitfalls and save you wasting money and time.
  • Teach you the best editing software. So you needn’t waste time trying tonnes of ‘rubbish’ and also wasting even more money.
  • Start you off on your first shoots so you can learn useful techniques quickly, learn about using cameras and lighting and how to visualise your shoots.