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Websites Video & Photography

Content Creation

I have been a professional photographer for many years, gaining a reputation for alternative content production. I run my own web-servers so I am able to get your websites up and running very quickly and I have built up a nice equipment selection. I am available for video, photography and webdesign work.

And I have many models who I work with and are available for your productions.

My day rate is £500

SPECIAL RATE  £350 for my regular clients!
If you hire me within a month of previous shoot.

How this works
The first shoot is full rate. After that, provided you hire me within 30 days, the rate is specisl deal.  Should you not hire me within any following 30-day period, the rate goes back to normal, but any following shoot within 30 days is halved, and so on.

You are welcome to use my place for your productions. Many of my films have been shot here 🙂