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The Power Behind

My Websites

The real power of my websites actually lies in the backend administration engine. You have private access to so many powerful features and more to come.
This is custom coded by top-level progammers. It is NOT created using wordpress extensions/modules. All clips are stored outside of the web-root and only accessed by encrypted link created at point of sale.
Only the front end of the website is created using wordpress, purely for ease of layout.

A few sample screen shots from control panel

The latest version of my control panel was released a few months ago. Since then there have been various additions and modifications.
This is your dashboard view for quick access to the sections you want.

The product listing page shows the clips and items that you have available for download and sale. Images help easily identify your products, which you can individually edit. Other features include RESERVATION, whereby you can reserve items for specific customers. You can also view the list by best sellers so that you get a great visual of best product ideas to concentrate on.

The pricing system is very flexible. You can actually edit the prices directly in the product listing, but this facility offers you the ability to apply pricing changes across a large number of products and categories.

Comprehensive sales lists. You can select to view all sales, sales by credit card, by phantom card or by sales that still require action (sessions, shoots or custom clips).

Coupon system. Flexible options include specific items, categories and all products. You can select end dates for promotions or choose a usage amount. Great for promoting new clips and for email marketing campaigns.

The pic above shows a recent pre-xmas coupon campaign by the website. The coupon was called ‘myxmasgift’ and it offered a flash sale of 50% for a few days leading up to Christmas. As shown, all relevant info appears in the sales listing, including coupon code and the adjusted sales prices. This quick sale resulted in quite a lot of extra revenue for them.

Download logs. You can see a detailed list of the downloads made by your customers.