Confirmed Custom Shoot Request

Original request as received from client

So, the first script is. I give you and her a basic idea what is all about 
Well, she basically walks the slave on a leash in the park (preferrebly) or on some path. Not on the grass, high heels should sound. She walks sexy and arrogant and the slave on a leash just behind her. She owns the slave. Powerful lady. This video should be like 15-20 or more min. I want you to catch all best angles, please, these long sexy legs, you know. At some point she stops and uses him as a human chair and starts smoking sexy.
Perhaps find a bench she can seat and uses slave as foot stool, smoking. Some bootlicking would be good as well.
I attaching some pictures how it looks like. [NOTE: I don’t know where these images are from, so if the originators want me to remove, credit, please contact me] Please do not pay attention on the outfits now. We have time. I need couple more days to decide. It’s a hard part, but I have some ideas.
The second script. We could do both at your premises. Film few smoking clips (human ashtray) with dialog or without, just flicking ash in a mouth, smoking sexy etc etc
The third script, boot/heel licking, few clips.
The 4th script. Example. She returns from a party or from shopping, whatever. Dishes in a kitchen are not washed. Slave spend all day playing computer game. She is furious, she is amazon, tall on high heels. Slave is smaller. She starts abusing slave, like face slapping, kick him on the ground, trample him, stomping,  verbal abuse etc

Planned Shoot Date 19th/20th September

When I first receive a custom script from a client I like them to also indicate styles that they like in clips that I have already produced so we have a clear idea of what the model is being asked to perform. In this instance, it is fairly mild female domination. The slave is essentially being led by collar and chain by the command of an amazonian woman to be kicked around and used as an object, a seat and ashtray.

The client selected the following scenes. The next stage is to select the ideal model. The client is sent details of the models who are happy to shoot in these styles. Along with their fee structure. Once everybody is happy, the client pays his deposit and the shoot is CONFIRMED.

Selecting sample STYLES from my productions