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Pricing for

Video & Photography Productions

Booking myself for your productions.
My fee for video & photography work is £250 per day for my website clients ONLY.
If you are not one of my website customers, my fee is £500 per day.
Travel fees apply.

Pricing for


For a website without integrated clipstore the price is £995

You can add the clipstore feature at a later date if you like for the price balance. This is a good option if you simply don’t need a store, or if you wish to get a site up and running whilst working on your productions!

Pricing for

Website & Integrated Clipstore

Website with integrated clipstore.

Your Own website with the pages and content you require. Also including the integrated clipstore. You can also sell other goods/services.

One off fee of £2995 for website build.
Then only £99 per month for integrated clipstore rental (including storage & bandwidth) *

Simply upload your clips to the server and login to the private admin control panel to add/manage clips and other features. You can do this yourself with ease.

I am available to help via email, whatsapp & skype.

Getting paid for your clips.
Your website will be setup with a card transaction processor (eg CCBill/Verotel). 
Only you will have access to your payment processor. You login to your account with them to manage your payments etc.

Additional features for

Expert Clipstore Package

The backend of your website is custom coded throughout by high level coders, providing security and features within a specially designed admin control panel. All clips are stored OUTSIDE of the website root and therefore cannot be located. Once purchased, links to the clips are encrypted.

However, a feature I desired was the ability to easily adjust the frontend of the websites. The frontend is the set of visuals that your browsers will see. Using Wordpress to create the frontend opens up more possibilities for design layout.

Those producers familiar with wordpress can opt for the Expert Package which will give you complete access to the Wordpress frontend. This will enable you to modify the website, eg adding menus, pages, blogs etc. This option is NOT recommended unless you are very familiar with wordpress. Any fixes required to repair your mistakes will be charged 🙂

The expert Package is an additional £2995

Safety Net for

Your Peace of Mind

Once you have purchased your website, it is your domain and will remain active as a website.

The clipstore code is part of the server costs and is included with the monthly storage & bandwidth charges.

If, for any reason, you require a payment holiday, you can suspend your store until you wish to reopen it. The website will remain live but the store section will be closed until you decide to start selling again. No monthly bandwidth payments are required if the store section is closed.

If you decide to close your store permanently, you still have the option of retaining your website. Pages can be added/ammended as you wish. Other than fees for such extra work, there will be no monthly payments required for your static website.

* fair usage policy applies in order to prevent wasted storage by clip dumping. This is 300 clips per fee.

The source code for the integrated clipstore is included on a rental basis only. It is the reason that the system can be offered at this low price. If you wish to own the clipstore code outright and put your website on your own server the cost for complete website code is £29,950.

New features and other enhancements are planned for addition in future versions.